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The best smelling shower of your life, guaranteed.

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Dr. Squatch bar soap actually provides the benefits that body wash is perceived to have – without the use of harsh chemicals. Dr Squatch gets back to basics and lets nature do the work

Dr Squatch Soaps

Use Natural Ingredients & Essential Oils

Cleanse the Skin without drying it out

Effectively Remove Dirt, Oil, Odor, & Bacteria

Use Petroleum Derived Lubricants

Strip the Skin of It’s Natural Oils

Rub Dirt & Grime Deeper into the Skin

Some Body Washes

  • If you haven't tried this soap, good...more for me! I actually love how soft and clean I feel after a shower. The hair care is the bomb too.

    - Lazara F.

  • First of all they’re made in the USA! Second of all they are all natural! And third they smell incredible! They have a very manly smell, work wonderful and he actually wants to use them!

    - Ryan C.

  • Holy sh*t this stuff is Ah-freaking-mazing! It's crazy how clean my skin feels and the smell is outstanding. Talk about a life hack! Guys do yourself a favor and get some.

    - Stephen B.

  • The best bar of soap!I have very sensitive skin and in the winter have nasty eczema. This bar of soap allows me to shower and soothe my skin even under harsh conditions.

    - Ryan R.

  • Feels and smells great! No residue left on the skin! This soap feels great against my skin; I don't walk away with a dryness or film left on my skin.

    - Marisa T.

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Handmade. Cold Processed. 11 natural ways to smell like a man. Raise the bar and throw out the harsh body wash.

As seen in

Independent Study

Independent Study

Independent Study

of Women prefer a man that smells unique and natural vs generic scents

of Men prioritize natural ingredients when shopping for personal care products 

of Men believe investing in personal care is important for success

89% +

98% +

Traditional body wash may feel more gentle because it leaves out the common drying agents found in commercial bar soap. Learn why Men are going natural and switching to Bar Soap by the thousands everyday!

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Rest easy. If this isn't the best Soap you've ever used, it's on us.

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